Become a Certified Podcast Manager

You wake up feeling inspired and motivated doing a job that excites you

You have the freedom to travel and set your own schedule

You stand out in the crowd in a growing industry

You have a community of support behind you, and business coaching along the way


Are you getting started in the podcast industry with the goal of creative a freedom-based, lucrative business?

If you answered yes to any of that, then this is for you! 

The Podcast Management Academy covers EVERYTHING you could possibly need to know, do, be and have to start attracting clients and selling your services as a podcast manager! 

You will learn every skill, strategy and mindset hack to achieve your ideal lifestyle of freedom and balance while working from home.

Become a Certified Podcast Manager

Podcast Managers get paid to offer technical or administrative services to help podcasters launch, manage and grow a successful podcast.

Podcasts with existing shows often need someone else to manage things; from booking guests to podcast show notes to marketing and distribution of their podcast.

The Podcast Management Academy, along with the certification at the end of the program, adds value and credibility to your business and enables you to charge higher rates, positioning you for success.

We guide you with the Coaching, Expertise, Community, Support & Tools you need to launch your business. Our program will put you on the fast track where you will find the shortcuts that will save you time and money.

  • What podcasting services should I offer?
  • How do I find clients and set myself apart?
  • How do I package my services and offerings?
  • How much should I be charging?
  • How do I create a strategy to market myself and my clients?

The Podcast Management Academy is the Industry’s Only Certified Podcast Manager Program and sets you up for success with a specialized skill set.

  • Create graphic designs for cover art and each individual episode tile
  • Create show notes with SEO + Keywords
  • Create a guest release email to announce the episode release.
  • Distribution of episode to your client’s website
  • Distribution through platforms like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio & Spotify 
  • Transcribe each episode
  • Create newsletter updates and releases with every episode
  • Create copy for blog posts and social media posts specific to each episode
  • Create audio and video promotional clips
  • Create social media content with sourced hashtags
  • Schedule & post social media
Become a Certified Podcast Manager

“I’ve gone through training with Traci and her team, and have learned so much in such a short amount of time. I’ve doubled my income now that I am working as a podcast manager. At first, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but I love this industry!"

Elise Cormier

"Being a part of this course and the Facebook group has been an absolute game-changer for me. Every time I engage with the group, I discover invaluable insights that continue to elevate my podcast marketing strategies. I was skeptical about an online course meeting my needs, but Tammie and Camille's guidance has transformed my approach to the podcast industry and business development. The video tutorials and printable checklists provided structure, ensuring I stayed on track."

Dawn Shannon

I am the person behind the brand. Most people call me Traci. My closest friends call me “T”. My favorite two little humans call me “Aunt T”. It's great to meet you.

I have a wonderful husband, a feisty Golden Doodle pup and although based in South Florida, we are mostly nomadic in business and in life by design.

I've built an accomplished career with many accolades but in 2015, I still felt a yearning. This is where podcasting comes in. I realized I wasn’t using my voice to its full potential. I had a pattern of working behind-the-scenes to fuel massive growth in the organizations in which I was a part, while never fully owning and telling my own story.

This was the very moment I knew I wanted to start a podcast and Journey to There was born.This pivotal realization made me even more committed to put my professional experiences behind a platform built to help individuals and businesses change the world one voice at a time. My Podcast Biz is a culmination of my work in broadcasting, podcasting, in the business and entrepreneurial world. 

Yet, it really is much, much more.

It's designed to change your life as a business owner and provide you a platform where you can make an impact by supporting podcasters changing the conversation with their podcasts. It's also my way of connecting to you and with you on a new path where the possibilities are unquestionably endless.

Stephanie Euler is the Chief Revenue Officer at Produce Your Podcast and The Podcast Management Academy.
With a background in consulting, business development and strategic partnerships, Stephanie has not only scaled a coaching startup to 8 figures but also coached hundreds of small businesses to multi-6 and 7 figure growth, including several clients who crossed the 8 figure mark as well. Adept in growing, training and elevating teams, her teams have accomplished successes such as growing a podcast to 1.5M downloads, growing an online community to 100k+ people, setting & breaking their own internal sales records multiple times in single calendar years, and becoming world-class coaches and leaders themselves. She is passionate about the role of podcasting for businesses and her greatest accomplishment is in watching her teams become more confident and competent, every day.

Tammie Gagnon serves as a detail-oriented and self-directed Podcast Launch Specialist with Produce Your Podcast on Traci DeForges team. Working remotely, Tammie navigates the intricate landscape of podcast development, editing, and publication while fostering global connections. Adept in Graphic Design, she crafts visually compelling cover art, templates, utilizing tools like Canva, Descript. As a skilled Writer and Editor, she weaves engaging narratives, from show descriptions to social media posts. She efficiently manages tasks that range from configuring podcast hosting toexecuting seamless launches. Tammie is committed to transforming podcast visions into reality, blending creativity with precision in every endeavor. Beyond her professional commitments, Tammie is a dedicated mother of two children involved in multiple sports, finding joy in family activities like hiking and expressing her creativity.

Camille Lafreniere is a Marketing Manager & ProSocial Strategist with Produce Your Podcast on Traci DeForges' team. Her background in business administration and social media marketing allow her to craft compelling marketing messages, understand what types of content work to serve a business’ growth goals and how to cut through the noise online. Her previous work as a Pharmacy Technician has equipped her with the skills to truly connect with people and excel in all client-facing situations. To date, she has not only helped to build the Produce Your Podcast brand from the ground up but helps our clients to do the same. Camille has 3 kids and enjoys hiking with her three dogs, reading, and jogging.

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